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Thank you very much

I inspire myself

Thank you very much.

No, don’t walk away from me,

I have a question of my own.

Oh I’m sorry,

Have I ruined your idea of romance?

Would you prefer me

To go back to being

On the brink of death?


That’s what I thought.

One thought on “Thank you very much

  1. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    That’s exactly MY style and way of thinking i.e. questioning people with insincere energy around them. Its been 24 hours since I have had this “Rebecca” attack all over my being. Let’s ask Rebecca herself in addition to being a magnet, does she also carry some sort of Rebecca-Repellent as I got so many other things to do. i.e. getting showered, ready (with my favorite perfume) only to be stood up on our first date by a guy (who was coming off as a girl on chats). tissues please…

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