the city doesn’t care

The city has a story to tell. Rumour has it you do too, But I'm afraid you won't always Be around to tell it. Sure, you can feel tall and mighty Watching beetles on the pavement, But riddle me this: I was once 11, Now I'm 21; Soon I'll be 31, Then 101...   Look… Continue reading the city doesn’t care



Throwing stones at the sky Hoping they'll skip across clouds Turning air into meaning. We're definitely turning something into something, Water into wine, is it? Miracles! That's what I need, Not careless deeds, Not random acts of kindness. Holy prayers Made by holey hands... But won't the words slip right through? Can we not just… Continue reading Turning



Once we shared paradise, Childlike and wide-eyed, but your heart paled and in a hateful fever of lies - In a storm of sorrow- You left our love out to Die- Dry... I meant dry. It's not dead Only dormant. I know because I still love you.