A spider lives on the moon

A spider lives on the moon.

She spins a web between the stars,

Weaving lines of silk against a dark, summer sky,

Like spirals of beautiful things cast around the world,

To catch the lost souls left wandering through the night.

A spider lives on the moon,

And I think she’s lonely;

Lonely up there between worlds,

Holding up the universe

In the absence of suns.

I wish I could be the moon,

Or even just a star,

To be encased in her soft touch,

And either of us would have to be alone.


The girl in the tower

Light filters in,

Like soft thorns on her skin.

She slips it through her fingers,

Imagining it a ribbon

Winding round her hand

So she can bring down the sky and it’s stars.

She listens to the wind

And imagines feathers on her back,

To fly up with the ravens

And greet the moon as one.

She recites all her spells,

And summons monsters she shouldn’t know-

Ones with red eyes-

From the dusk,

But the night was never hers.


Pleasantly Haunting

This place is full of ghosts.

They exist in the gloomy light of

Corpse-coloured candles

In those dark cottage walls,

Lingering with a ghoulish fondness.

I find myself drawn to remain also.

Perhaps these melancholy ruins offer

More than fear;

They invite somber reflections-

Reflections of the living as well as the dead-

And I find it pleasantly haunting

To explore the shadows

That hint at the brief spans of life

That may have walked these halls.

Although I worry our friends may have haunted too long;

Now they creak and moan at the slightest breathe

Across the stairs;

Wail and whine at the smallest strain.

You see,

These quiet graves are full of noise;

Full of grave suggestion

That perhaps we cannot die.

We’re fated to pace these cold floors forever-

Bound by footprints left in dust;

Tied to ballads about lives we can no longer mind

But the world decided to remember.

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P1000523 (2)Left only in the company

Of slithers of light along the wall,

Drawing harsh, poetic lines

Across my work.

What happened to the day?

At what point did the sun give in

Laying waste to all I’ve written?

What happened to my words?

When did they too, abandon me

Leaving me like a shadow in the dark

Unseen and reluctantly accepted?