Once we shared paradise, Childlike and wide-eyed, but your heart paled and in a hateful fever of lies - In a storm of sorrow- You left our love out to Die- Dry... I meant dry. It's not dead Only dormant. I know because I still love you.

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Oh, how romantic!

Oh, how romantic! Sitting at the window pane Realising that life Isn't all it's cracked up to be. You must all aspire to be me. You've even got it raining; The droplets running down the glass Much like the tears on our faces. Careful, don't get too excited, You might make yourself smile And we… Continue reading Oh, how romantic!



It's like looking in on a Perfect scene from a Mile away. The colors on her skin From that sunset, Make her look sixteen again. It's the ripped, blue jeans, The same tatty shoes, Standing at my front door, Looking up at a sky I used to know; Roaming a town I used to own.